Dr. Vicki Seidenberg

Vicki L. Seidenberg, MD.

As a physiatrist, a physical medicine specialist, Dr. Seidenberg understands how to treat and heal the whole person rather than isolated problem areas. This specialty is the only field in medicine whose objective is to achieve maximum level of independent function.

Board-certified in the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Seidenberg’s background in medicine demonstrates her competency and ability to deliver the best care.

After graduating from the SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine in 1991, Dr. Seidenberg did her residency training at the Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center from 1991-1995 in Chicago, IL.

Certified Life Care Planner

A Life Care Planner evaluates patients with disabilities or chronic health conditions in order to outline the needs created by the disability. Dr. Seidenberg’s experience as both a Physiatrist and a Certified Life Care Planner, along with years of hands-on experience in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation and treating individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions, contribute to a better understanding of the customary methodologies used to develop a life care plan.

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