ITB Syndrome; Can this be causing my knee pain?
April 11, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Heal your pain, don’t just “treat” it

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself. If we are cut or injured, our bodies stimulates a local inflammatory response that brings healing cells to the area that stops the bleeding and lays down new tissue to repair the defect.
A major cause of recurrent injury, degenerative arthritis and chronic pain is joint instability due to muscle imbalance and ligament weakness. Changes in these supporting structures leads to biomechanical stresses which then increases damage and inflammation to the joints and surrounding tissues. By strengthening these tissues and correcting these abnormalities, we can decrease the cause of the trauma to the joint and thereby decrease the problems which are contributing to the pain.
What if we could stimulate a healing response in the tissue to help strength the area?. Well, we can!
Prolotherapy is an injection of a sugar solution with local anesthetic into the ligament, tendon or muscle. This stimulates a “natural inflammatory response” which causes the production of new fibrous tissues and cells that strengthens and stabilizes these structures. By strengthening the area we are reducing the instabilities which may be contributing to the problem.
Injections are given about a month apart for 3-6 months. This allows for healing to occur. Using prolotherapy in conjunction with an exercise program will not only relieve your pain but promote healing and decrease risk of reinjury and further trauma to the tissue.
By correcting the biomechanical abnormalities, we are not only treating the site of the pain but correcting the structural issues that have contributed to the problem.
For more information and to see if prolotherapy may benefit you, visit me at my office. A proper diagnosis is key to relieving pain and preventing chronic injury.