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February 22, 2016
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Oh, my aching knees…

So, you have already had knee surgery or do not want to, but still are suffering from achy knees. Your knee pain may be coming from chronic instability leading to on going degenerative changes in the joint. So what can we do to fix this?

Using a combined modality approach, we can drastically reduce your knee pain and further prevent the ongoing “trauma” to the joint.
First I start by eliminating the pain completely. With a new and exciting approach, I use cyotherapy (Iovera) injections to block the nerves that produce pain in the knee joint. This results in immediate relief of your symptoms.

This is followed up by a series of prolotherapy injections to the joint and ligament to promote healing and strengthening of the surrounding tissues.

Prolotherapy uses the bodies own healing abilities to promote tissue regeneration. This in combination with a strengthening program will help stabilize the knee joint and thereby decrease the stress on the joint itself leading to improved function and decreased pain.